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Genetics and Politics

This is a good overview of the genetic influence on various aspects of politics. (From Hatemi & McDermott in the previous post.)



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The long enduring: Blowhard, Esq. points out how old and continuous the Western legal tradition is with key legal concepts dating back to the 1000s and 1100s.

Peter K. Hatemi and Rose McDermott “The genetics of politics: discovery, challenges, and progress” in Trends in Genetics

For the greater part of human history, political behaviors, values, preferences, and institutions have been viewed as socially determined. Discoveries during the 1970s that identified genetic influences on political orientations remained unaddressed. However, over the past decade, an unprecedented amount of scholarship utilizing genetic models to expand the understanding of political traits has emerged. Here, we review the ‘genetics of politics’, focusing on the topics that have received the most attention: attitudes, ideologies, and pro-social political traits, including voting behavior and participation. The emergence of this research has sparked a broad paradigm shift in the study of political behaviors toward the inclusion of biological influences and recognition of the mutual co-dependence between genes and environment in forming political behaviors.

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