The Good Side of Sous Vide

As promised, the advantages of sous vide cooking:

  1. A bug for some is the main feature for others: you get to experiment with food, discover what temperatures and times suit your palate. Some people are just curious about these tweaks.
  2. Meat or fish cannot get overcooked and dry when temperatures are low.
  3. There is no gradient in a piece of meat of over-done around the edges and under-done in the middle. Doneness is uniform throughout.
  4. Tough cuts can be tenderized with long times in the water bath—such as 72 hour short ribs.
  5. Sous vide eggs are unique.
  6. Custards (egg-thickened creams) are easy to do.
  7. And finally, there is a rich online community of sous viders sharing information and advice. One of the best sources is Douglas Baldwin’s superb guide.

I’ve been a SVer for almost 5 years and I think SV is the greatest advance in cooking technology of recent times. It is spreading in commercial kitchens, and I hope it catches on in home cooking.


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