The Essential Guide to World History

As a public service I now offer the essential guide to World History, as interpreted by today’s most advanced academicians.

All you need are four easy steps:

  1. Talk up the importance and achievements of women (they probably invented agriculture!), the Rest (the glories of Islam! the inventiveness of China! not forgetting something positive about Africa!), and multiculturalism (the world has always been connected and multicultural, so no need to worry about it!).
  2. Talk down the importance and achievements of great men (in fact, just don’t mention them at all!), the West (it was so very backward in the middle ages!), and nation-states (especially the European ones!).
  3. Remember: Euro-centrism or West-centrism is bad, but Rest-centrism is good.
  4. Don’t pay too much attention to Nations or Civilizations, it can lead you into the error of thinking about why some nations and some civilizations were more successful and accomplished than others. Pay much more attention to Multiculturalism and Globalism, there’s less chance of thinking erroneous thoughts.

That’s it! [/sarcasm]

More details here and here.


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