Fat-phobia versus Fat-philia

At the WSJ, Ron Rosenbaum decries fear of fat, “fatnorexia,” and offers a “few of my fattiest things”— he mentions cheesecake, goose, duck, lard, steak, marrow, nut butters, lamb burgers, clotted cream. All delicious, of course, and a sensible attitude. (Alas, clotted cream is not sold here.)

But, let us not omit bacon, the king of fatty meats, nor bacon fat, and of course butter (which goes well on just about every meat or vegetable dish).

How about a couple of more unusual ones?

  • Posset is so simple: just cream and some acidic fruit – raspberries are good – the acid naturally thickens the cream if left a few hours.
  • Coconut oil coffee: just whip in some coconut oil to hot coffee; it has a rich, sweetish taste.

Fat-phobia has been far too influential: let us enjoy life with a bit of fat-philia. Few things are as paleo as fat.


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