The New Biological Determinism and the Old Biological Denialism

There is a New Biological Determinism making its influence felt:

  • Gay? Born that way!
  • Fat? Genes did it!
  • Cancer? Probably some faulty genes!
  • Religious? Must be the God gene!
  • Criminal? Genes made me do it!

But luckily the Good Old Biological Denialism lives on:

  • Sex and gender? Society constructed it!
  • Ethnicity and race? Constructed by Society!
  • Intelligence and personality? All Constructed by Society!

With all this constructing happening Society is busier than Bob the Builder. People, being constructable, are just like buildings made of so much lumber, brick, and mortar.

Instead of Biological Determinsm and Biological Denialism, I would like to see some Biological Consistency, such as found in a recent post on selective use of Darwin at Natural Right and Biology.


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