Mythical Creatures Sighted

Consider two recent sightings of mythical creatures:

  • Gay Girl in Damascus sighted

Remember all the optimism about the Arab Spring? Turned out to be unrealistic, of course.

But at the time the un-realists latched onto a blog called Gay Girl in Damascus – A lesbian Arab protestor! It was just what the Western feminist multicultural left dreamed about. It was too perfect. Too good to be true.

In fact, it was untrue. Gay girl protestor in Syria turned out to be white male grad student in Scotland. Ho hum.

Someone in KKK costume was apparently seen at night on the campus of this ultra-liberal institution. But this is likely fantasy. Local police say it was most likely a woman wrapped in a blanket.

Such sightings give an insight into the multiculturalist mindset. In the West non-existent racist mythical creatures are at large. But in the Rest non-existent lesbian feminist protestor mythical creatures are at large.

Cave hic dragones!


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