Dear Academic Publishers:

There is a book I would very much like you to publish …

… an overview of evolutionary (or Darwinian, or genetic, or biological) thinking to the human sciences – comparing and covering all the social sciences and humanities. This survey of ideas would include intellectual history as well as current state-of-the-art thinking.

It would include coverage of: evo-psychology, which is probably the single best-known application of evo thought, but also such things as evo-criticism, evo-anthropology, evo-politics, evo-economics, evo-philosophy, evo-sociology, evo-history, evo-medicine, evo-ethics, evo-aesthetics, evo-divinity, evo-geography, evo-criminology. Of course, I would like it to include areas I’m particularly interested in, such as evo-IR (evolutionary international relations) and evo-WH (evolutionary world history).

Such an evo-Companion, or evo-Guide, or evo-Handbook, would be invaluable. (And its market would cover lots and lots of disciplines. What could be better?)

Thanks in advance.

Yours Sincerely,

A Long-Time Customer


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