The Hatred That Has No Name

Three Pakistani-British would-be suicide bombers have been found guilty of terrorism charges.
BBC News reports:

During the months of evidence at Woolwich Crown Court, the three men came across as utter incompetents.

Luckily, incompetence is a common trait of many anti-Westernists.

What was never clear in the trial was what had really made them want to be bombers. They exhibited all the same characteristics as many who have gone before them – including a vague hatred of “Western” society and a general social inadequacy with their place in Britain.

Why is the word Western in scare quotes? Perhaps the West is not really supposed to exist.

Hatred of the West seems to be the hatred that has no name. There seems to be no word for it. Westphobia? Anti-Westernism?

One of them even conceded to police that if his two fellow plotters managed to find women who would have them, their anger with the world may have eventually gone away.

Ahem! Urgent call for the evolutionary psychologist! Young men + no access to women = trouble.


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