Democracy in Kenya

Let us take a peek at Kenyan politics, where an election is due on March 4.

What sort of politics do they have?

Well, politics in Kenya is ethnic. Ethnic voting is paramount. The Kikuyu and their allies form one coalition (the Jubilee Alliance, led by Uhuru Kenyatta). The Luo (Obama senior’s tribe) and their allies form the rival coalition (CORD, led by Raila Odinga).

Politics is also dynastic and nepotistic. These two leaders are the sons of Jomo Kenyatta (President, Kikuyu leader from the 1960s) and his deputy Jaramogi Odinga (Luo leader from the 60s). I wouldn’t bet against their sons eventually joining the family business.

And politics is a business too. Mr. Kenyatta coincidentally happens to be Kenya’s wealthiest man.


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