New in Cliodynamics

A new issue of Cliodynamics is available online, including an article by myself.


Over the last two decades, a trend of multiculturalism in world history has enjoyed a largely uncontested rise to prominence. Its main aim has been to challenge Eurocentrism. Its main achievement is to have issued a corrective in early modern economic history: prior to the industrial revolution, there were numerous economic parallels between Europe and Asia. But multicultural world history has several flaws. It marginalizes the West. It downplays numerous non-economic divergences of the West.

In response, a post-multicultural world history is now emerging. The main achievement of post-multicultural world history so far is to have established that there were numerous critical non-economic divergences between Europe and other regions. The West was both peculiar and inventive across many domains.

Read more here:

Martin Hewson, “Multicultural vs. Post-Multicultural World History: A Review Essay” Cliodynamics (2012) 3, (2).



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