“Eurocracy or Barbarism”

“It sounds a little like the days when there were still wars in Europe.”

So says Der Spiegel concluding a long behind-the-scenes report on the bickering between Norden payers and Club Med payees in December’s European Council meeting.

A traditional piece of rhetoric on the Left is the no-option option: “socialism or barbarism.” Of course the best choice was: neither one, thanks.

Now, a similar no-option option is: “the EU or war.” That was the Norwegian Parliament’s message on giving the EU a Nobel Peace Prize.

Well, haggling by leaders in the European Council does not sound even a little like the old days of regular war. “Eurocracy or barbarism” is another you-have-no-choice choice. It is a sign of how little justification the EU can manage to muster these days.

For decades, Eurocracy could claim to have promoted prosperity (that’s why the British ended up joining). Also, it could claim to have helped institute democracy in Southern Europe during the 80s then in Eastern Europe after the 90s. But now Eurocracy, via the euro crisis, is undermining both democracy and prosperity. So, the fallback position for Eurocracy is to claim it is promoting peace. A sad decline.


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