Ibn Warraq: The West is the Best

Ibn Warraq, The West is the Best (New York: Encounter Books, 2011).
The book ends thus:

the West … is successful because of its culture, rooted in the Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian heritage, because of the distinctive institutions that developed over centuries, because of the freedom granted to individuals. The West is prosperous thanks to a state of mind that is open and able to learn from others, willing to apply self-criticism, to subject even the most cherished beliefs to rational scrutiny. The West has succeeded because of an insatiable curiosity that has fueled countless experiments and innovations. That is surely something to be proud of.

This may be true, but is it the whole story?
By the way, I like the way he talks of “the success of the West” rather than the more common phrase “the rise of the West”. But there is also a fair amount of success in Northeast Asian civilizations (China, Japan, Korea).


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