North Korea’s Ultra-Evil Satellite Launch

Condemnations are ringing out against North Korea for the heinous and despicable crime of  … launching a satellite into orbit. Yes, truly they are the worst kind of rogue state for doing such a stupendously vile thing.

But … might there be just a tiny bit of threat exaggeration in the response to North Korea? They got the atom bomb, and the sky did not fall in. If they get rockets big enough to carry atom bombs, the sky still will not fall in.

An interesting question is: how is it possible for a small, isolated country (about 24 million people) to develop the technology to do this? A likely explanation is the North Korean population shares with other Northeast Asians a world-leading level of cognitive ability.


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  1. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto is famed for saying that Pakistan would develop a nuclear weapon even if it meant the nation would have to eat grass. Not too much of an exaggeration to suggest that this is what is happening in N Korea.

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