Corruption: Who’s Been Naughty and Who’s Been Nice

More on Transparency International’s Corruption Index:
It is good to be small and homogenous (Nordic and small Caribbean islands do quite well).
It is not so good to be big – see Russia and China – and/or multiethnic.
In Africa: Botswana (#30) and Rwanda (#50) lead the way.
Northern Europe is clean, but Southern and Eastern Europe are corrupt. South: Greece (#94) and Albania (#113 ). East: Russia (#133) Ukraine (#144).
Being communist or post-communist seems strongly associated with corruption.
Populations composed of endogamous groups such as tribes, clans, castes (#94 India) are corrupt (Pakistan #139).
Populations that exited from tribes long ago are much less corrupt (Northwest Europe and its offshoots).
Wealthy countries are less corrupt (but is that cause or effect, or both?)
There looks to be a moderate relationship between national IQ and corruption. The high IQ European and Northeast Asian populations generally do well, though there are some major outliers.
For Northeast Asian populations we have Singapore (#5), Hong Kong (#14), Japan (#17), Taiwan (#37), S. Korea (#45), China (#80), N Korea (#174).


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