Mirage in the Desert: An “All-Woman City” in Saudi Arabia

Back in the summer there were news reports (e.g. The Guardian here) that Saudi Arabia is planning to build a women-only city – a no-man’s land in the sand, a feminist utopia in Islam.

Such an initiative is guaranteed to divide feminists: female chauvinists hailing it as a showcase for how much better woman are than men, other feminists damning it as further segregation.

In reality, there is no such plan.

What is being built are some all-women industrial districts. Not all-women cities. Not living without men. Not a place where women do everything, from collecting the garbage to fighting the fires. Not a radical feminist utopia, implemented by a strict Islamic regime.

The actual plan is more a cluster of women-only factories and offices.

I am a bit disappointed. It would have been an interesting experiment to see what a women-only city would have been like.

I doubt it would have worked. The reality is that in the battle of the sexes, there is too much fraternizing with the enemy. An all-woman city would be a failure, just like an all-man city. What a joyless and lifeless place a city without children would be.


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