Moral Attitudes in Saskatchewan

Taking the Pulse has released a new survey of Saskatchewan attitudes.  Here are the results on moral/social issues:

  1. The federal government should continue to recognize same-sex marriages giving them equal legal standing with traditional marriages. 67% agree, 29% disagree
  2. Canada should re-introduce capital punishment for people convicted of first-degree murder. 55%agree, 41% disagree.
  3. Marijuana should be decriminalized for recreational purposes. 38% agree, 59% disagree
  4. Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. 77% agree 20% disagree
  5. People with terminal illnesses should be allowed to legally access doctor-assisted suicide. 56% agree 36% disagree
  6. Abortion is a matter of choice that should be decided between a woman and her doctor. 70% agree 27% disagree

Overall, social liberalism prevails on abortion, marriage, health/life issues; social conservatism’s last redoubt is crime.

Reference: Keatings, T., Pawluk, O., Berdahl, L., Disano, J., Helstrom, A., Herman, R. Taking the Pulse of Saskatchewan 2012: Moral Issues. (Saskatoon, Sask.: Social Sciences Research Laboratories, University of Saskatchewan, 2012). (pdf)


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