The Decline of South Africa

The Economist comments on the decline of South Africa. Slow growth, poor education, labour unrest in mining, unemployment, inequality, a rich black elite, and a huge crime wave.
How did this happen?
ANC rule began in 1994 with solid institutions

… a proper Parliament and electoral system, a good new constitution, independent courts, a vibrant press and a first-world stockmarket

But good institutions were not good enough.

the party’s incompetence and outright corruption are the main causes of South Africa’s sad decline.
The ANC … has sought to undermine the independence of the courts, the police, the prosecuting authorities and the press. It has conflated the interests of party and state, dishing out contracts for public works as rewards for loyalty

Look at the contrast:

the Democratic Alliance (DA), led by a doughty white woman and former anti-apartheid journalist, Helen Zille …. runs Cape Town and the encompassing Western Cape province better than the ANC runs most of the rest of the country.

A sad story. The Economist does not raise the question why the ANC and the rich black elite are “corrupt and incompetent”.


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