Can Uganda Handle 100 Million Population?

Uganda’s population is on track to more than triple by 2060 to 113 million, thanks to a 3% growth rate. (That’s up from 6.8 million at independence.)

But the President is not worried, reports the BBC.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni would also like to have more Ugandans as he believes a large population can be a boost for the economy.
“The UK is the same size as Uganda. It has a population of 60-something million now. And they’re all living comfortably,” he said at a presidential lecture to mark 50 years of Uganda’s independence.
“And they don’t have the resources of Uganda. Uganda has got more resources than all those countries we’re talking about.”

An official with the UN is not worried either.

Florence Mpabulungi Tagoola from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) in Uganda says the most important thing is to make sure the large population is skilled enough to contribute to the country’s economy and future development.

So, no worries all round! Obviously a tripling of the population growth in a poor country is no problem!


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