What If … Would President Al Gore Have Invaded Iraq?


So says Frank P. Harvey , who is taking up arms against the dominant explanation of the Iraq war: that Bush, the neocons, and the vulcans were behind it.

Harvey makes a convincing counterfactual case that Gore, if he had been President, would also have invaded Iraq.

My take: I am persuaded by Harvey about what caused the war – much more than just Bush and the neocons. But, we should not lose sight of the judgment that Bush and the neocons and the vulcans must still take responsibility for the war. That is why a focus on what they did still makes sense.


A paper: “President Al Gore and the 2003 Iraq War: A Counterfactual Critique of Conventional “W”isdom”

The book: Explaining The Iraq War: Counterfactual Theory, Logic and Evidence by Frank P. Harvey (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

A review (pdf) at H-Diplo by Richard Ned Lebow and the response (pdf) by the author.


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