A Trudeau Political Dynasty?

Could Justin Trudeau be the next Canadian Prime Minister? As news breaks that Justin Trudeau is going to seek the Liberal Party leadership, a poll finds he would lead it to victory. The National Post reports a Forum Research poll:

if Mr. Trudeau were leader of the Liberal Party and an election were held today, the Grits would win, handily, with 39% of the popular vote.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would come in second, with 32% of the vote, and the NDP — today the Official Opposition and led by Thomas Mulcair — would return to third-party status, with just 20% of the vote.

Some say: Lamentable effect of name recognition in a celebrity-obsessed world! Maybe.

Others say: Better to judge him only on his record and positions. But this is not realistic. He has no record. His policy positions are typically vague and liable to shift.

My view: People are responding by using their natural political intuition, which is to judge him by using the kinds of shortcut we use in everyday life. To know who someone is, ask who is their family. We have little information about Justin Trudeau. But what information we do have is about his parents. You can tell a lot about someone by looking at their parents.


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