The Fall of British Vancouver

Ricardo Duchesne has an piece on “The Fall of British Vancouver and the Rise of ‘Pacific’ Canada” criticizing multiculturalism. (pdf)

Some insights:

multiculturalism contains a negation within its very essence. It protects the group rights of non-Western peoples while simultaneously denying the host (Western) nation any group rights of its own.

The most baffling, incongruous, ignorant component in the ideology of multiculturalism and the fight against ‘white racism’ is that immigrants generally come from cultures that, by our standards, are not merely illiberal but vulgarly racist. The academic world takes it for granted that whites are the only ones guilty of racial prejudices.

Indeed why is it that, not just within Canada, but across the world, the greatest intellectual movement in history, the European Enlightenment, that extraordinary flash of moral vision which rescued billions from ignorance, hunger, disease, slavery, anarchy and despair, creating the very opulence and freedom its critics bask in, has become the latter’s target? Perhaps in their hearts, like all colonialists, they are terrified of democracy, the voice of the people.

(Another version is here.)

The British and Western element in Canada is being progressively marginalized.


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