Current Opinion in English Canada and Quebec

Canadians do not to want any further increases in multiculturalism for Quebec. Quebecers remain nationalistic as witnessed in the recent provincial election (Sept 2012). English Canadians are also nationalistic: in a recent poll in English Canada, respondents were against giving any more powers, funding, or special status to Quebec.

In the Quebec election, we had a range of nationalisms: strong nationalists (PQ 54 seats 31.94% of vote), multiculturalist soft-nationalists (Liberal 50 seats 31.2% of vote), mid-way nationalists (Coalition Avenir Quebec 19 seats 27.05% of vote), and far-left nationalists (Quebec Solidaire 2 seats 6.03%).
This is not surprising: Quebec is a nation with a distinct ethnic origin and language. Quebec nationalism is not going away. Their efforts to maintain themselves as distinct nation are quite understandable.

Meanwhile in English Canada, Abacus Data did an online poll for Sun News (Aug 2012) on English Canadian views about the Quebec question.

If there was a referendum in English Canada on the future of Quebec in Confederation, how would you vote?
Keep them in 52%
Remove them 26%
Unsure 22%

88% said all the provinces should be treated equally even if it upsets Quebec.
12% said everything should be done to keep Quebec including special treatment.

Would you support or oppose giving Quebec more funding, powers, or special status if it would keep the province from separating?
Strongly oppose 61
Somewhat oppose 16
Somewhat support 9
Strongly support 3
Unsure 11

I interpret all this as opposing further multiculturalism.

The Canadian way of dealing with French Quebec as a national minority is a relatively strong form of multiculturalism: a high degree of federal autonomy for the Quebec government; French given official language status, not just in Quebec, but across the country; Quebec with guaranteed representation in the main institutions of the central government; and the plentiful public funding of French culture, education, and media.

That will probably remain, but there is little support for extending it.


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