A “flood of drugs, illegal immigrants” into Brazil

Illegal migrants and drug smuggling are not just problems for Western nations. Reuters Brian Winter reports from Brazil:

Brazil’s economic rise is forcing it to deal with a problem it long regarded as the sole concern of rich countries like the United States: the need to secure its borders and slow down a flood of drugs, illegal immigrants and other contraband. … Rousseff’s government vowed to toughen border controls and deportation practices in February after it gave amnesty to more than 4,000 Haitians who had entered Brazil illegally, most of them through the Amazon via Peru. The total number of undocumented immigrants in Brazil may run into the hundreds of thousands. … To that end, Brazil is starting to engage in practices that look a lot like what Washington has been doing around Latin America for decades. Cardozo said that Brazilian federal police agents went into Paraguay last year and destroyed marijuana plantations themselves with the permission of local authorities.


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