Growth in the Forager Epoch

We’ve looked at agrarian growth, so now let’s consider whether there was growth in the forager epoch of human history? Beginning about 40kya we start to see signs of growth.

First, humans expanded their range into all the continents and into cold regions.

Second, technology advanced and improved. From about 30 kya, we begin to see cave paintings and figurative art plus sewing needles and food storage (which are necessary in cold regions). From 20kya, there are better hunting tools such as bows and arrows, harpoons, fishhooks, and spear throwers. From 13 kya, beginning in Japan, there is pottery. All these advancements occur in the colder, newer parts of the human range.

Third, behind this is presumably growing intelligence.

So, yes there is growth, and it is significant because this is the trend of growing capabilities that later brings the agricultural revolution.


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