The Arabian Horse

One thrust of multiculturalism today is to downplay the originality and accomplishments of the West. Some historians argue that the West supposedly owes its rise to borrowing from the Rest, rather than to its own innovation. The West then promptly forgot its debt to the Rest.
A minor but interesting test case is the Arabian horse. Arabians formed a key part of the bloodstock for light cavalry horses in European armies and the bloodstock for modern Thoroughbred racing horses. Three stallions, the Darley Arabian, Byerly Turk, and Godolphin Arabian, brought to England during the late-17th/18th century, are the founders of all modern Thoroughbreds.
But, the West did not forget the origins of these horses. The name Arabian remains.
Also, the modern Thoroughbred breed is the result of selective breeding by the English in the 18th and 19th centuries, the golden age of selective animal breeding. This small part of the rise of the West is not due to appropriating from others, but to the initiative of Westerners themselves.
So, there was some borrowing from outside, but much more important was innovation from within.


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