The State That Is Mali

Let’s have a look at what’s been happening in Mali.

Ethnic rebellion? Check. Touareg rebellion reignited by Gadaffi’s downfall.
Military coup? Check. In March 2012 disgruntled sergeants and junior officers mutinied then seized power. (How easy was that?)
Corruption? Check. It had been a sham democracy, with nepotism and corruption rampant.
Islamism? Check. Islamists seized control of the north.

Questions to which the answer is an obvious no:

What if … the increasing fragility of African states is ‘an early sign of a wider problem with the system of international governance’ built after World War Two?

Er, no: it’s a sign of problems in Africa, not in “the system”.

It may be that the way to help these societies sort out their conflicts is to let them do it on their own.

Must be because it is all the fault of outsiders, right?



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