Who’s the Greatest?

A perennial question: FDR versus WSC. Who’s the greater leader?
Saved the West from Hitler (along with Churchill);
Led the US out of isolation into an active world role;
Redefined the US government (in the New Deal), reformed American capitalism, and perhaps saved capitalism;
Was a successful war leader and strategist;
Was a successful politician, winning four successive elections for a 12-year Presidency;
Prevailed over the adversity of polio.
Saved the West (with FDR);
Was a fine writer;
Was an inspiring leader in 1940-42;
An anachronism in his dedication to imperialism;
A poor strategist after 1942 (focusing on the periphery of the Mediterranean);
An unpopular politician, with no plan for the election in 1945;
Failed to initiate a UK-led Europe (as alternative to EEC).
So, Churchill, was great but flawed. Roosevelt, fewer flaws.

(Inspired by Conrad Black’s biography of FDR.)


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