Partial Rationalization

Rationalization is one of the major tendencies of history, as with many things given a great impetus by the West.
But it is difficult to gauge how far has it gone, or how far it can go.
Science. Rationalized, and a success. Rational science is vindicated by technology.
Culture. Not very rationalized. People cannot live entirely rational lives. So it is likely a good thing not to have too rationalized a culture.
Politics. Partly rationalized. Politics is partly quasi-tribal partisan contention and emotional attachment to charismatic leaders; but it is also partly rational bureaucratic policy. A fully rationalized politics is neither likely nor desirable.
Economy. Partly rationalized. Work ethic, or consumption display, are non-rationalized but important. Again, some irrational elements are valuable.
I am glad we have scientific rationality: it allows us the luxury to remain somewhat irrational in other areas.
[Inspired by the late Ernest Gellner, Reason and Culture Oxford: Blackwell, 1992)].


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